Just added! Our FRIGHT exclusive interview with filmmaker JAMES FELIX MCKENNEY. (AUTOMATONS, THE OFF SEASON, CANNIBALISTIC!)

One has to give innovative director James Felix McKenney credit, you can’t say his films look or seem like anyone else’s. A Sci-Fi/horror buff with a nuts-and-bolts backyard aesthetic and a bizarre yet welcome sense of humor, James’ debut film CANNIBALISTIC! melds deadpan satire with the tender story of a flesh-eating vegetarian (you’ll see) who just wants to be left alone so he can get back to nature.

His follow-up film, a one-room ghost story THE OFF SEASON brought a welcome character change to screen villain Angus Scrimm and was the debut film of director/producer Larry Fessenden’s SCAREFLIX (a line of low-budget unique indie horror films in the vein of Roger Corman) line.

For his third film, director McKenney changed gears for his black and white Super-8 sci-fi parable AUTOMATONS, depicting warring robots in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, which isn’t too far from our own world. Much darker and more grim than his two first films combined, and yet a child of such cardboard 1960’s sci-fi shows like Space:1999 and Doctor Who, AUTOMATONS has drawn raves from publications such as The New York Times , New York Post and the Village Voice. James granted us an interview as he preps his fourth film, one that sounds worth it from just the title alone…SATAN HATES YOU! Click the frame below to read his FRIGHT exclusive interview!

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