Casting on Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN! Plus Deathship UK DVD!

Casting is full underway for Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN. If you’ve been following along, he’s been dropping names on his official My Space blog. Here’s the latest:

"Well, here’s a little casting info for ya. Pat Skipper has signed on to play Mason Strode. Laurie Strode’s father. I’m very, very excited about this bit of casting news. DEE WALLACE STONE has joined the cast of Halloween as Cynthia Strode. Laurie Strode’s mother."

"More cool casting info folks. Well, a couple of our favorite rejects have joined the cast of HALLOWEEN. SHERI MOON ZOMBIE has joined the cast of HALLOWEEN as DEBORAH MYERS the mother of Michael Myers and longtime employee of THE RABBIT IN RED LOUNGE– along with Sheri we have none other than WILLIAM FORSYTHE playing RONNIE WHITE, Deborah’s abusive boyfriend.

In regards to the Michael Myers mask, Rob writes: "I’ve just seen Wayne Toth’s finished mask for Michael and all I can say is "HOLY FUCK". It looks perfect. exactly like the original. Not since 1978 has the shape looked so good. Wayne worked this sucker to death and boy did it pay off."

Also, Fango’s reporting that a new Special Edition of Mike C.’s fave flick ‘DEATH SHIP‘ is coming to DVD. Only snag is it’s for the UK only. Mike’s already got plans to invest in a multi-regional player for the release! Check out our ‘Mike C.’s Date With Deathship’ article!!!

Features on the DVD will include: Audio Commentary by director Alvin Rakoff moderated by ENGLISH GOTHIC author Jonathan Rigby, "From BLOOD STAR to DEATH SHIP" featurette with Rakoff, original scripter Jack Hill, George Kennedy, and Nick Mancuso, Jack Hill’s original BLOOD STAR story, the uncensored bloody shower scene, picture gallery, 3 theatrical trailers, Nucleus promo reel and trailer collection. Check out the Fango article HERE.


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